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Choosing where to stay when taking a break can be hard, particularly if you want to go self catering. There is an abundance of options available, each with their own character, quirks and advantages and you want to ensure that you pick the right one for your break.

Types Of Self Catering Accommodation

Obviously, the most traditional and popular option is a cottage. Homely, quaint and often very cosy, a wonderful option for any couple or family. Usually set into beautifully scenic surroundings, a cottage tends to have stunning views, giving you a feeling of a home away from home - so if you’re into the traditional, a cottage could be for you. Similar to cottages are pine lodges. These beautiful buildings have a more Scandinavian feel to them, making you feel as if you should be in snow covered countryside, wonderful if you’re fancying something slightly different but not too wild.

If, however, wild is your thing, unusual cottages are available. Things such as windmills and watermills have now been converted into cottages, with some cottages even being set into cliffs. Saying you have stayed in one of these cottages is sure to impress family and friends and giving you a holiday to remember at the same time - staying somewhere so quirky, you’re sure never to forget it.

For larger groups, there are opportunities to hire own your own self catering house or even a converted barn, meaning that you can all be accommodated for comfortably and easily, without worrying about space. If you have the place to yourself too, you don’t have to worry about noise levels either!

Why Stay in Self Catering Cottages?

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People often opt to stay self catering as it is cheaper than a stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast. You get to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, meaning that you can run to your own schedule rather than anyone else, and surely that’s what a holiday is about?

With self catering, there’s no time constraints, nothing to stick to, its all up to you - what you do and when you do it. Along with this, there is also the space. It’s just you and your family or guests in the accommodation meaning you don't have to think about sharing with others or worry about noise levels - the place is yours and yours alone. More space for less money really sounds like a ‘no brainer’ to me!

As you’re not sharing with others, you get more privacy than you would in a hotel and often have your own garden and parking space. Self catering really means you can have a more relaxed holiday, a proper getaway from other people and time to just be with the people you choose, none of the schedules, stress or consideration for others that comes with staying in a hotel - why not be selfish, it is your holiday after all!


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Other reasons for choosing to stay in a holiday cottage are because people have small children or dogs. In both these situations a garden is desirable and holiday cottages often have gardens.

Another point with families is that children can be rowdy and boisterous, it is far preferable that they have the space to play and run around and in the case of a secluded rural cottage, make as much noise as they wish without disturbing others.

One thing that people should always double check when renting a holiday cottage is whether any person in their party is allergic to animals. The very presence of animal hair or saliva could cause a severe reaction resulting in that person not being able to stay. For anyone who suffers from asthma and an allergy to animals, always choose a pet-free cottage.

Because there are cottages of all types and styles, some catering for very specific groups of people, it is always better to be selective and think about the location, other possible holiday-makers in the vicinity and any extras that may be provided.

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Couples may prefer an adult only environment without the noise of children and groups of cottages where children are not permitted are available.

There are also cottages that offer spa treatments - again an adult setting and activity.

Then there are cottages with various courses on offer as part of the holiday. This could be an art or painting course, photography, yoga, dance, cookery, guided walks and so on.

There is an amazing choice of self-catering holidays in Britain and Ireland, all catering for niche markets.

The types and styles of accommodation are another matter and may encourage people to try a particular self-catering break. Eco-cottages, tree houses and yurts now feature alongside traditional holiday cottages, log cabins, and houses. There has always been a variety of unusual converted buildings such as watermills, windmills and even railway carriages, holiday-makers like novelty and a stay in one of the more unusual self-catering properties is an experience in itself. The only type of self-catering holiday not yet seen is haunted. Perhaps that is a step too far!

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Cottage Holidays with Friends

Meeting up with friends for reunions in a self-catering cottage is a lovely way of catching up and spending time together. Rent a cottage somewhere nice, have barbecues in the garden and drinks in the evenings.

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