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For todays holidaymakers who want to be connected at all times

holiday cottages with WiFiWhen we go on cottage holidays, we usually do so with a desire to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life back at home. And whether that’s the stresses of work, seemingly endless UK traffic or the hordes of adverts we’re bombarded with each day, it’s nice to take a break. But being part of a generation that is rather spoilt when it comes to technology, we also want to stay connected – which in the modern era, means access to a free, and stable internet connection.

Thanks to our ever-growing fondness of all things internet, many cottage owners who are seeking to rent their property to holidaymakers are now installing Wi-Fi. It’s a sure-fire way to increase footfall for them, and no doubt makes our lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

But what are the real, on-the-ground benefits of choosing a cottage with Wi-Fi for a holiday?

Well, the answer, or answers, to that question are legion.

First things first, we now live in a world where working remotely is part of the norm – something pretty much unthinkable just a couple of short decades ago. This means all many of us really need to work, is a laptop and Wi-Fi (and if the latter is free, it’s a win-win situation!). As a remote worker in any discipline, you’re privileged to be able to take your work with you almost anywhere, so leaving urban life behind – even if it’s just for a few days – is now easier than ever. This makes getting out of the city and into the countryside, or down by the sea, not only easy, but a great way to help unlock your creativity. It’s also a lovely way to enjoy that bit of me-time we find all so hard to come by, without the fear of missing an important email.

But working remotely is just one benefit of getaways to cottages with Wi-Fi, as many people couldn’t think of anything worse than taking their work away with them. If you are going away as a family, for example, Wi-Fi is a brilliant way to keep the kids entertained before bed, as they can easily play online games, or stream their favourite TV shows. It also means grumpy teenagers won’t have the opportunity to moan about missing their friends after only a couple of days, as they can keep in touch via smartphones, tablets and laptops. (It is recommended you check with the holiday provider about any parental controls for web safety, though, as well as download limits etc., as you don’t want your holiday ending with an unwanted bill!).

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holiday cottages with InterentArguably the most practical on-the-fly use for Wi-Fi during cottage holidays is to find out more about the area you are visiting. Gone are the days of pre-planning things to do, and the need for maps; we can now find out all the points of interest in a new place after just a few minutes of online research. The real benefit of this, though, is that we can minimise risks. And whether that’s the risk of eating out at a disappointing restaurant, or visiting a beach that, despite claims from a friend who visited ten years ago, isn’t very nice, we guard ourselves against disappointment. We can even check the weather forecast without tuning into the strange local news channels at 6pm!

With all of this in mind, when planning a cottage holiday anywhere in the UK, Wi-Fi should definitely be number one on your list of prerequisites. This is the 21st century, after all!




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A holiday in a self catering cottage with a games machine can bring great fun to any time that you spend inside the cottage. Holidays in Britain or Ireland inevitably come with a wet day or two and a games machine will be a boon.

  • If you know in advance what type of games machine there is, you may just wish to borrow some games from your library o even invest in one. Although games, DVDs and books are often provided on holiday, we all have our favourites and may wish to bring something that we know the family will definitely enjoy.

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