Cottages with a beach nearby

We all appreciate having a beach nearby, especially during the summer.

self catering cottages near a good beach People who live in Britain are aware of the unpredictable nature of British weather. One could rationally expect July and August to provide the sunniest and warmest days but not necessarily, we are often surprised with an early summer at the end of May or early June. Families with children are inevitably limited to school holidays which for the English begin in the third week of July and for Scots a couple of weeks earlier.

It is very nice to have a beach close by and indeed everyone flocks to beaches as soon a hot sunny day appears. People arrive with their picnic rugs, portable chairs, windbreaks, UV tents and all the other paraphernalia that is felt necessary for a good British beach holiday. Then the struggle for car parking begins as people compete for parking spaces closest to the beach. It's along way to carry all that stuff otherwise.

The advantage of renting a holiday cottage near a beach is that there is less fuss and bother. When the sun shines, you can walk to the beach and return home for a drink and snack if there is a flurry of rain. A cottage near a beach is convenient. Go on holiday armed with a collapsible cart that you can pack with all the things you need and it's easy to wheel it all along and back. No parking problems, no need to arrive at the crack of dawn and you can stay later when the beach is quiet and the day trippers have gone home.

Cottages with a beach nearby for happy families

Small children love nothing better than a seaside break with sand and water

Cottages near a beach are perfect for family self-catering holidays. The whole experience suits families and their children, it provides all the comforts of home, the space, a safe garden for children to play in, and reduces the time taken to get to the beach and fun.

Renting a cottage near a beach can also be cost effective. Many families struggle to provide that summer holiday and a cottage allows people to live as they would at home without incurring additional costs from eating out.

A sandy beach is most important for happy seaside breaks with children who just adore making sand castles and digging up the beach. Take a look at holiday cottages near a sandy beach to ensure happy family seaside holidays. A few rock pools never go amiss, children are equally fascinated by small creatures and crustaceans that lurk in rock pools when the tide has gone out.

Safe Blue Flag beaches are another priority for family seaside breaks. View a list of cottages near Blue Flag beaches and have confidence in the quality of the water.

Cottages near a beach for dog owners

Rent a cottage near a small secluded beach that is dog friendly

The major beaches at British seaside resorts are restricted to dogs. Some allow dogs out of season from November to the end of April. However, there are hundreds of smaller beaches up and down the country where dogs are permitted all year round. Talk to cottage owners who will be able to advise regarding their local beaches.

Even if the sun is not shining, it is good to walk on a beach, jog or just play in sand dunes.


Seaside cottages near a beach for surfers

Surfing is a surprisingly popular summer pastime in Britain

seaside cottages near a beach for surfersGo down to Cornwall or north Devon and there are surfers galore trying to ride the waves in varying degrees of success. Entire families take surfing breaks and for them a cottage near the beach is a must because it is so very convenient. The ideal is within a short walking distance of the beach, especially when carrying surfboards. View a list of self-catering surfing holidays and choose somewhere comfortable and convenient to stay when you surf.

Surfing is just one of the sports practised near a beach. There is also wind surfing, kayaking, sailing, jet skiing among others.




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Stay in a seaside cottage with a beach nearby. Optional extra facilities include : games room, hot tub, swimming pool, gym, spa, dog kennel and more.

  • Self-catering breaks in Britain staying in cottages, log cabins or houses are comfortable ways of spending your precious holiday time.
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