Cottages with a big garden

Book a cottage with plenty of green space for privacy and outdoor living on holiday

cottages with a big gardenFrequently, the size of a holiday home corresponds to the size of garden that it stands in. However, this cannot be taken for granted. The advantages of staying in a cottage with a large garden, is that children have plenty of space to play outdoors when you’re not gadding about sightseeing. There may be a climbing frame, trampoline or swings for children because there is ample space to site them.

Certain holiday cottages with really big gardens may have an outdoor swimming pool or that other popular water-filled outdoor container – a hot tub. It is the features in a garden that increase pleasure and satisfaction with a self-catering holiday. Tennis courts are generally part of the grounds of mansions and big manor houses. There may also be the chance of croquet on the lawn, a nature trail, a pond or lake for fishing, boating or just to look pretty.

It can be very nice to spend some time on holiday, relaxing in a garden. Bigger gardens allow for hammocks and sun loungers in addition to a garden table and chairs. A garden becomes another living space during the summer and holidaymakers could find themselves cooking up a storm on the barbecue or dining by moonlight.

Read about any garden attached to a self-catering property and find out whether it is completely enclosed to keep children and animals safe. Ponds and swimming pools could be another area of concern if guests have small children.

Luxury cottages with a large garden

Definitely posh, green and pleasant

The garden is green and preened to perfection at the luxury end of the self-catering cottage market. Book a top notch five star holiday home to find a stunning garden, set out with high quality leisure furniture and  features for your comfort and entertainment.

Who wouldn’t appreciate a heated outdoor swimming pool in their holiday home? Summer suddenly become so much more fun - especially for children. Holidaymakers can take their own pool toys, lilos and giant inflatables. The joy of a private swimming pool is the increased freedom of doing what you want as long as it does not cause any damage.

The big group accommodation mansions tend to have perfected garden entertainment with lots of good features. It’s lovely to take a walk around a lake in the evening after a thrilling day out, or to have an informal drinks party on the patio. There are always hidden arbours in extensive gardens where people can seclude themselves with a book and a glass of wine. Garden seating may be distributed around the garden to allow for couples to converse quietly or watch the children play.

Most of us like to conduct an inspection of someone else’s beautiful garden, to admire the flowers and mentally note plants worth growing.

Garden spas are the current desirable garden accessory and luxurious holiday houses often have one for their guests’ pleasure. The experience is so much more enjoyable when surrounded by lovely views of lawns, flower beds and hidden from prying eyes by a garden wall.

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luxury cottages with a big garden



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Luxury Cottage Holidays

Stay in a luxurious holiday cottage with a host of facilities including an ice maker of some sort. Long cool drinks can be the order of the day - much appreciated on hot summer days.

  • Decide what you would like your cottage to have, perhaps a swimming pool, outdoor spa, or a cottage with a games room for a self-catering break in Britain or Ireland.

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