Cottages with a Christmas tree for Christmas and New Year breaks

A cottage holiday over Christmas and New Year takes the strain of getting the house decorated.

cottages with christmas treesIf you go away for the Christmas holidays as a family, there is no reason that you should miss out on traditional Christmas decorations. With holiday cottages in the UK now offering Christmas decorations that the holiday makers can use, you can feel festive even when you’re away from home, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any of the Christmas spirit.

Hiring out a holiday cottage with its own decorated Christmas tree is perfect for if you’re going away at Christmas time. It means that you and your family can still have the fun family bonding time around the Christmas tree and you can still put a few decorations up together if you wish, meaning that there is simply no way that You will miss out on any of the holiday fun simply because you’re not at home. Because it is a rented holiday cottage, it is not possible to stick drawing pins into walls or to mark them in any way and any decorations will have to be free standing. Decorating the cottage for Christmas is definitely a holiday activity, and this is what holidays are all about really, family bonding time - so if you go away at Christmas, adding to the existing decorations together can be a wonderful way to encourage this.

Christmas is meant to be magical and it should be this way whether you’re at home or away. You might still need to pack the children's Christmas stockings and the special things that you associate with Christmas at home.

Hiring a holiday cottage with Christmas tree decorations already provided for you is also a massive practical help. No one wants Christmas without decorations, and if these decorations are already provided for you, this means that you do not have to worry about transporting your own decorations to your holiday cottage. This can be really useful as it saves space in your car for the other things you need such as clothes and food - and of course presents! It also means that you can rest easy, knowing that your precious and fragile Christmas decorations are safe from damage as they will not have to be rattling around in the car being transported from place to place.

Christmas simply isn’t Christmas without having all your decorations and the Christmas tree up, it helps the day feel complete. This shouldn’t be any different simply because you are not at home, and by opting for a holiday cottage with its own Christmas decorations, you can ensure that the magic of Christmas isn’t lost in your cottage. You don’t have to worry about trying to transport anything either, leaving more room for presents, so if this sounds like an ideal solution to going away over the Christmas break for you and your family, speak to your cottage provider and see what can be done about ensuring that your cottage feels Christmassy too!

New Year cottages with a Christmas tree and festive fun

New Year cottages with decorations are much in demand as people get-together to celebrate the New Year.

self catering cottages for New YearIt is amazing to think that New Year is a peak time for booking holiday cottages but it is. Large groups naturally want to get together to party and renting a large house for New Year's eve is easy to do if you plan ahead. Some of the large houses book up a year in advance.

There are also couples who like to escape their families and have a quiet New Year, just the two of them. There are plenty of cottages for couples for New Year in Britain, Ireland and abroad.

Check out some of the cottages for New Year, also large group accommodation for parties and New Year celebrations.




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Cottage Holidays Overview

Lots of people try to go away for Christmas, especially to spend Christmas Day and Boxing Day with family or just to escape the cooking and preparation that accompanies Christmas.

    A self-catering cottageholiday can result in a lot of work or alternatively, somewhere new and exciting with Christmas lunch out. There are places, especially in luxury cottages where gourmet meals are delivered to your door. Now, that would be a super Christmas gift!

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