Cottages with a coffee machine

Rent a cottage with a coffee machine and the aroma of freshly made coffee can be enjoyed over breakfast

Having a coffee maker may seem like the most simple and boring thing to want on holiday, but it can actually make a massive difference giving your holiday that added touch of luxury you’d only ever get if you were away from home. If it is your custom to drink good coffee during the day - you can continue the pleasure during your holiday.

You may be wondering why a coffee machine will make any difference to your holiday at all, but just imagine this: waking up in a cosy little holiday cottage with the sun creeping around the curtains and being able to get up and have whatever coffee you want, all without having to go out and looking for a coffee shop. By having your own coffee machine in your cottage, you are able to have hot, steaming, coffee shop coffee whenever you want, without even having to get dressed, what could be more perfect than that when you’re on holiday?

Take a look at the following selection for cottages with coffee machine to rent for self-catering holidays in the UK

Real coffee whenever you want

Have it your way!

Not only can you have hot, steaming coffee whenever you want, you can also have whatever sort of coffee you want whenever you want it. Whether you’re an americano kind of guy or gal, prefer to curl up with a frothy cappuccino or simply kick back and relax with a latte, you can do all this without even having to leave your cottage. Standard granulated coffee hardly compares to that now does it?

You won’t regret deciding to opt for a holiday cottage with a coffee machine once you think through all the wonderful benefits. There’s nothing like freshly brewed coffee in the morning and especially not when you are on holiday, it’s a start to the day that definitely can’t be rivaled.

On top of all this though, some coffee machines can even be set to switch themselves on at a time of your choice. Say you know you’re going to wake up at nine am and you know you won’t be able to function without your morning coffee, well, with a coffee machine, you don’t have to hope that someone else will be nice enough to wake up and get up to make you one before you wake up as you can simply set the coffee machine to switch on at 9 am, hot and freshly poured coffee ready for you as soon as you wake up, what could be more wonderful and relaxing than that?

It’s no secret that family holidays can be stressful, so you’re going to need your morning coffee. It’s a luxury, so why not treat it as so. You’re on holiday so why not decide to opt for a coffee machine? Go on, revel in modern technology, allow yourself to be lazy - these machines wouldn’t have been created if they weren’t to be used would they? A holiday cottage with a coffee machine is simply the height of relaxation, go on, allow yourself the pleasure.



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Stay in a holiday cottage with a coffee machine or a simple cafetiere and enjoy freshly made coffee with that unque aroma throughout your self-catering holiday in Britain.

  • Self-catering holidays are a most pleasant experience when your accommodation meets your likes and preferences. Spend a little time choosing exactly what would make you happy and the kind of facilities that you would like your cottage with.

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