Cottages with a fenced garden

A fully enclosed fenced garden keeps dogs safe outside giving you peace of mind whilst you watch TV and relax.

pet freindly cottages with a fenced gardenEverybody knows that children like to play outside. They have lots of fun and burn off all their energy too, perfect for parents who want tired children who will be easy to get to bed at night. Letting your children play out in a garden of a holiday cottage can be quite scary for you as the parent though, with neither you or your child knowing the boundaries sometimes. It can be hard not to worry that they won’t get too wrapped up in their games to observe the boundaries you set out for them and so opting for a holiday cottage with a fenced garden can be really useful to ensure that they don’t accidentally stray too far while you’re away.

A fenced garden basically ensures that your child knows where your patch of land ends and where another begins, keeping them safe and in your eye line so that you can see them. It also means that you don’t have to worry about your child straying into other people’s garden if your gardens back on to each other, ensuring that they’re safe and stay out of trouble but also that your child does not end up accidentally frustrating other people.

A fenced garden can also be very useful if you and your family play ball games. It ensures that the ball remains in your garden and does not roll off into someone else’s, preventing them getting annoyed with you and basically ensuring that everyone and everything remains safe while you’re away.

A massive advantage of having a safe fenced garden with your holiday cottage comes if you have pets as well as children. Dogs and children can make a very enthusiastic team and a fence ensures that everyone stays in the right garden and does not escape - especially the dog. Also, if you are on a complex that allows dogs but your child is afraid of them, it also gives both them and you the peace of mind that the dog will be staying away and won’t be getting them. This ensures that they are not stopped from going to play outside by their fear and also means that you know that they are completely safe too.

A fenced garden does not sound like much but it really can really help give you peace of mind while you’re away on holiday. You can relax without having to watch your children like a hawk as you know that they will be safe and protected in your garden, that they won’t be straying anywhere and that no one will be getting in. After all, holiday are about relaxing and if something so little as a fenced garden will help you relax and get back to your child-less self a little bit more, isn’t it worth it?

Pet-friendly cottages with a fenced garden and a hot tub

Keep dogs and children safe whilst you have fun

Self-catering holiday cottages come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of different features. One popular option is a pet-friendly cottages with an enclosed garden and a hot tub. The demand for hot tubs has grown steadily over the last few years and people have the time to sit and relax in them during a holiday.



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Stay in a holiday cottage with a fenced, walled or fully enclosed garden for a secure and private self-catering holiday in Britain or Ireland.

  • The privacy of your own walled garden can be a blessing, especially when a tranquil holiday is your aim. Find that cottage with an enclosed garden and
  • decide what else you would like your cottage with.

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