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Fill your freezer on arrival then sit back and enjoy the scenery

holiday cottages with a freezer

You may think that a holiday cottage having a freezer is standard, that every cottage will have one. This, however, may not always be the case, with some cottages not having fully equipped kitchens. Therefore, it is important that you check to see if the cottage you rent has a freezer before renting it, as you never know when you may need to be able to freeze things.

You may be wondering why you will need a freezer if you’re only going away for a couple of days. You may think it is unnecessary and pointless to spend the extra time and money on renting out a holiday cottage with a freezer, but, if you think it through carefully, having a freezer available to you when you’re on holiday can actually be a god send. This is especially true of remote self-catering holiday cottages sited a long way out of town. You may stock up a couple of times a week or even less and the freezer will keep food fresh until you need it.


Frozen dinners make self-catering child's play

Gourmet frozen food for a holiday treat

For example, if you don’t think You will fancy cooking when you’re on holiday, having freezer facilities available to you will mean that you are able to prepare meals before you go away on holiday and can freeze them when you get there. This is particularly useful if you’re away for a week or two, meaning you can keep meals for longer and can have them stored away as a back up in case you need them. This takes away the stress of having to try and get to the supermarket daily, or think of meals that can just be stored in the fridge, ensuring that your holiday is relaxed, stress free and easy. Taking your own frozen meals with you is also a brilliant idea if a member or members of your party have special dietary requirements. This means you will always have something that they can eat if local restraunts or supermarkets cant cater to your needs - it’s always better to be safe than sorry! If you plan on taking your own frozen meals away with you, it is vital to check that your holiday cottage has its own freezer to ensure safe storage of your meals. Opting for a cottage with a freezer will give you more freedom to take your own meals, saving you money on eating out, and so is a very popular option.

Not only is there the opportunity to store your own home cooked meals if you have a freezer at your cottage, there is also the opportunity to store ice cream! Depending on the time of year that you go away, this could be a blessing. Imagine, you’re in a rural cottage, its a hot and sunny day and all you want is to cool down, but there’s no ice cream van or shop for miles. With your own freezer, you can buy ice cream and store it yourself so you have it whenever you want it, a brilliant way to keep everyone happy, because who does not like ice cream. It isn’t a holiday without ice cream, so don’t let your lack of storage stop you from missing out on this cooling treat.

Choosing a holiday cottage with a freezer is really a good idea for convenience rather than anything else. Whether you go away knowing You will use the freezer or just want it there just in case, opting for a holiday cottage with a freezer is never a bad idea.

Fancy a cottage holiday in Ireland?

Rent a holiday home in Ireland that has a freezer

Make life easy on yourself and fill your Irish discovery break with secenry and fun, shop once and store your holiday food in a freezer to use when it suits you.


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Stay in a holiday cottage with a freezer or fridge freezer in Britain or Ireland to avoid wasting precious holiday time shopping.

  • Fill your freezer with ready meals and all you have to do is to microwave or bake them when you need an evening meal. Self-catering has never been easier.
  • Consider which other gadgets you would like your cottage with for a care-free self-catering break.

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