Cottages with a games machine such as Wii or Xbox

Rent a holiday cottage with a games maching for entertainment

holiday cottages with a games machine such as a wiiA cottage with a games machine may seem like a strange choice for a holiday cottage, it is something a little different and out of the ordinary, but is something that is proving to be a very popular choice with many people, adults and children alike.

While choosing a holiday cottage with a games room probably isn’t something that you instantly thought of doing when you first considered going on holiday in a self catering cottage, if it is something that you choose in the end, you’re sure to love it. A games machine could range from an old retro style pinball machine to a more modern games console depending on what is on offer for you in the cottage that you pick, and if you think that a games machine is something that you would enjoy on your holiday, enquiring about this before hand will let you know if this is an option in the particular cottage you are looking at or not.

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So, you’re probably wondering, why should I choose a cottage with a games machine? Well, a cottage with a games machine suits both adults and children alike, meaning that no one will get bored while on holiday. This is something particularly useful about hiring a cottage with a games machine as You will never hear moans of ‘I’m bored!‘ meaning that you are free to relax and enjoy your holiday.

Your kids are sure to love a games machine, whether it be retro or current and this is something that will keep them occupied throughout the holiday, something which is important when the British weather is bound to be as unreliable as ever meaning that they probably wont be able to play outside. If the console or machine is a retro one, this means that You will be able to introduce them to the games that you probably played in your childhood meaning nostalgia for you and fun for them, they’re bound to love it. If the console in your cottage is a modern one such as a Wii, Xbox or PlayStation, this means that your kids will be able to take their games that they love with them, avoiding any comments or moans about them missing their games. Some cottages will also provide games meaning that you get the chance to try out some new games for free too! Not only does a games machine or console provide wonderful entertainment for the kids, it also provides it for the whole family. There are many games that everyone is able to join in with meaning that if the weather looks awful, everyone can still play together and have fun too.

While you may be worried that having a games machine or console in your holiday cottage will take the kids away from you during your holiday, it is bound to not be the case. With games suitable for the whole family to play, everyone can be involved. You are on holiday after all and the kids are bound to want to do something different for a change, but there’s no denying that having a games machine available would really give you peace of mind, knowing You will avoid moans of boredom, allowing everyone to have a stress free holiday.

Certain games enhance family and group entertainment. The Wii Just dance or one of the karaoke games can be great fun for a party mood and is ideal for group weekends away.




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A holiday in a self catering cottage with a games machine can bring great fun to any time that you spend inside the cottage. Holidays in Britain or Ireland inevitably come with a wet day or two and a games machine will be a boon.

  • If you know in advance what type of games machine there is, you may just wish to borrow some games from your library o even invest in one. Although games, DVDs and books are often provided on holiday, we all have our favourites and may wish to bring something that we know the family will definitely enjoy.

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