Cottages with a games room

Re-discover your inner child

self catering holidays in cottages with a games roomCottages with games rooms can be very appealing. For Families, there’s games for the kids and respite for the parents and for adults they’re a chance to be immature, let your hair down and really let your inner child have some fun. They’re a win win option for everyone. This type of self catering accommodation is becoming more and more popular throughout the country, adding an added element of fun to any holiday.

These games are often video games such as PlayStation and Xbox, although some games rooms also include retro and vintage games such as Pinball machines and Pacman. Whether you’re an adult wanting to release your inner child or simply want to ensure that your kids are entertained - these holidays are perfect for you. Games Rooms cottages are not just perfect for families however - they can also be fun if a large group of you is going away, often allowing you to relieve the games of your youth and also adding in an element of friendly competition between everyone too.

Competition between guests during your cottage holiday

Give your fellow guests a thrashing at table tennis or pool.

It’s great going away in the UK, but one thing you can never rely on is the weather. You can plan fun outdoor activities easily with things like bike rides and pony trekking often being available, but if the weather takes a turn for the worse, this can lead to cancelled plans and very bored and grumpy children - it does not exactly sound like the perfect holiday does it? Having a cottage with a games room can take away the grumpy and bored children, giving them a fun and enjoyable indoor activity that they can do without you having to be there to supervise or entertain them - meaning you can curl up in a chair with your Kindle and crack on with that new book you have been wanting to start for months. Now that sounds like a holiday.

With some cottage complexes, the games room may be shared between a small cluster of cottages. This is a great way for your kids to meet new friends on the holiday, encouraging them to be sociable and not have their eyes constantly glued to the video games. It allows them to go off and play independently, giving them a sense of responsibility and freedom while ensuring that you know where they are at all times - fun for them and peace of mind for you. You may be worried that your kids will spend their entire holiday on the video games - but with the excitement of being away from home and meeting new people, this is unlikely to be the case.

Games rooms are great for families and big kids alike. They provide a fun, safe form of entertainment while allowing you to meet new people if they are shared. Theres nothing like a bit of friendly competition to create friendships, strengthen families and really make a holiday something to remember.

Cottages for families

The modern family tend to consist of 2 adults and one or two children. A popular size is a three bedroom holiday cottage that can sleep up to six people. This allows for individual bedrooms for the children - good for teenagers.

Holiday cottage for 6 with a games room


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Cottage Holidays Overview

Stay in a holiday cottage with a games room and have something to do during inclement weather or keep the children amused during a self-catering break in Britain or Ireland.

    A games room could be for your sole use with an independent private holiday cottage or a communal one shared by a group of cottages. Although the various equipment is then shared it also encourages games and competitions with the other guests. Children may also make new friends, all of which contributes to a happy self-catering holiday.

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