Cottages with a Gas Cooker

Cottages near bus stops are perfect if you like to have a drink in the evenings on holiday

cottage with a gas cookerSo, you have finally reached the front door to your new holiday home, glanced around each room, marvelled at the spectacular views from the window and now you are ready for a much needed cuppa. You head out into the kitchen, look around for that stainless steel God and then you notice it, standing there, directly opposite you…your mind starts to spin, you wonder how you will cope and those dreaded words spill from your mouth “Oh no, it’s a gas cooker” Yes, standing before you in all its glory is an appliance which looks ‘too hot to handle’ but has a burning desire to show you just how helpful and efficient it can be! Before you start frantically searching for a list of local restaurants and takeaway’s in the area, prepare to be enlightened by the wonders of a gas cooker. In many ways, it is very similar to an electric one but the main advantage is the speed at which a gas cooker heats up. This means no more waiting ten to fifteen minutes for an even temperature.

People who use a gas cooker in their own home, would be delighted to be presented with one on holiday – we all prefer the familiar, especially if we are staying only a few days or a week. It is possible to add the type of cooker to the list of criteria when searching for a self-catering cottage, except it could be much lower down the scale of importance than a sea view or a swimming pool.

Go rattle those pots and pans in your country cottage kitchen

The great thing about a self catered cottage is that is equipped with a range of pots and pans to allow you to prepare and cook meals during your holiday, much as you would normally do. Lots of people prefer self-catering accommodation because they can cook if they want, or go out for pub meals if they would like a day off. It also means that there is plenty of space and refrigerator for good food and wine that makes a holiday away special.

Cooking with gas is magic

it's quick and safe - you don't want to waste leisure time during a cottage break

self catered cottage with gas cookerSimply place a kettle or saucepan onto the burner, turn the control knob to ignite the flame and hey presto! Once lit, adjust the density until the heat gently hugs the base of the pan without trying to sneak up and around the sides. This allows the flame to spread out evenly so as your dishes cook without any cold spots. Now that you have cranked this baby up, you have complete control over the temperature, you can reduce it or enhance it in tiny increments if you wish. Perfect when you are making sauces and need precision heat. With a gas cooker you can create a spice odyssey of goodies with your new kitchen best friend. Stir-fries are quick and easy to put together, and perfect when you are on holiday as the last thing you want to do is spend all day slaving over a hot stove. Your culinary skills really can shine so don your chef hat, reach for the wok and prepare to take advantage of that golden glow. Never has there been a better combination to work with than wok and flame. The traditional round bottomed steel design melds perfectly with the heat from a gas cooker. Toss in some diced chicken, fresh vegetables and pour over your favourite sauce…now you will taste Chinese food as it was meant to taste. You can impress your guests, even on holiday.

Holiday cooking at its finest

Casseroles are also quick and easy to put together and perfect if you are taking a break with family or a group of friends. Fill your holiday cottage or log cabin with the aroma of warming comfort food. Simply allow three to four minutes for the oven to maintain an even temperature and pop in your host of ingredients. In no time at all, your guests will be asking “hey, what’s cooking, something smells delicious”. And if the weather should take a turn for the worst, your culinary creations can still continue to impress as there is no outage when cooking on gas. So when that coffee fix takes a hold, you can still satisfy that craving even when the kettle does nothing more than look like a nice ornament.
So, go discover the many benefits of a gas cooker…not only will your holiday cottage fill with many great memories, your cooking will also deposit its place in the memory bank of everyone who has sampled your ‘cooking on gas’. Now the kitchen really can be the heart of your holiday home and smiling will be the second thing that everyone will do with their lips!


Choose the cooker in your self-catered cottage to be as similar as the one that you have at home for an easy holiday without problems to solve on arrival.

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Cottage Holidays Overview

Stay in a holiday cottage with a bus stop within walking distance in Britain or Ireland makes it possible to explore using public transport. Bus travel suits pensioners with concessionary bus passes.

  • Self-catering is the budget conscious way of going on holiday. Facilities vary and obviously the higher the rental rate, the better the facilities. Do shop around though because there is a fair bit of variation up and down Britain. Decide where you would like to go and what you would like your holiday cottage with.

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