Cottages with a hot tub

Bubbly fun for adults

cottages with hot tubsCottages with hot tubs are popular options, both for romantic and family breaks away. Unwinding in a hot tub can be really good for relaxing. Some properties feature indoor hot tubs whereas others offer outdoor hot tubs.

For romantic cottage holidays you will undoubtedly want to find a cottage with a private hot tub, whether indoor or outdoor, where you can both relax together. For families you may want your own private hot tub if you are likely to make good use of this feature or if you can take it or leave it, you may be happy enough with the shared facility of a hot tub.

Hot tubs come in various shapes and sizes. Some are massive 10 seaters whereas others you may just snugly fit 4. Outdoor hot tubs can be an excellent choice if you are staying in a cottage with fabulous views where you can relax outdoors whilst taking in the beautiful surroundings or if you like the idea of a bubbly soak whilst stargazing at night. Indoor hot tubs can offer that degree of privacy and seclusion that some find appealing.

Some hot tubs feature mood lighting and have special fragrances that you can use, but this very much depends on the cottage, the hot tub and what is on offer.

Self-catering cottages with a private hot tub

Bubble and soothe your stresses away during your holiday.

Private hot tubs are often available with 5 star luxury accommodation. A cottage for 2 people with a hot tub on the patio is a very nice facility to have on holiday. Just the thought of sitting in warm bubbling water with a glass of wine in hand, enjoying the view is pleasing. There are many such cottages all over the UK and abroad.

Hot tub cottagescome in numerous different settings and could be on the coast, in a leafy woodland area, in a national park, in a spa, in a mountain resort or beside fishing lakes.

Hot tub holiday rules

How to have a satisfying and pleasant hot tub holiday.

Owners and managers of holiday accommodation with a private hot tub sometimes stress about the care of the hot tub and gave a list of rules to maintain the safety of the guests and cleanliness and hygiene.

Safety precautions regarding hot tub use with rented holiday ccottages

It is common to be asked to sign an agreement accepting all responsibility for the use of a hot tub. Although holidaymakers are requested not to use a hot tub if they have a heart condition or are pregnant, there is always a slight risk that the vibration, heat and pressures of a hot tub may bring on an unwelcome health problem. Do not be surprised to accept sole responsibility.

No glass in the holiday hot tub

Many people would enjoy the thought of relaxing in a hot tub with a glass of alcohol. However, glass is banned from hot tub areas in case of breakages that could injure a guest. That's a commonsense rule. However, it is quite acceptable to have a glass of wine or beer at a table near the hot tub.

Avoiding contamination of the water in a hot tub

Bacterial levels in a hot tub are maintained at a low risk level by the use of chemicals. The introduction of detergent, bath oils or similar substances may affect the water quality. Holidaymakers renting a cottage with a personal hot tub may find that penalties could be imposed if the water becomes polluted. Guests may also be requested to wear clean soap free swimsuits to avoid the possibility of introducing any chemicals into the water. Occasionally, penalties in the form of loss of damage deposit are imposed for flouting this rule.

It is not usually possible to police a communal hot tub in a cottage holiday park or complex and therefore more difficult to ensure the standard of the water.


Hot tub holidays in the UK

Hot tub cottage breaks in England.

Hot tub cottage holidays in England are widely available. Much self-catering accommodation in England is concentrated around the various national parks and this is often where there are holiday parks and independent self-catering cottages with their own hot tub.

Take a look at some of the popular English holiday destinations: Isle of Wight holiday cottages with a hot tub

Log cabin holidays with a hot tub

Because log cabins are designed for holidays, most owners choose to have a hot tub on the decking or in the garden. This adds that bit of extra appeal when it comes to renting for self-catering breaks. Take a look at log cabin breaks with a hot tub.


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Cottage Holiday Choices

Rent a holiday cottage with a hot tub in Britain or Ireland. Hot tubs have become most popular since the invention of jacuzzis and are a step further in that they have various programmes and settings that vary the intensity of the jets and sequence or actions.

  • All types of jacuzzi and hot tub assist relaxation and help people unwind on holiday. A little pampering is good for everyone. Escape the children and forget those stresses and responsibilities for a while in a cottage holiday with a hot tub.

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