Pet-friendly cottages with a dog kennel

We all need me time and a break from responsibilities - including the dog.

pet friendly cottages with a dogs kennel where your pet can stay for short periodsWhen you’re going away for a family holiday, you want all the family to be able to be included in the fun holiday experience, even the dogs. With a self catering cottage with a dog kennel, it means that everyone has a space to call their own and that everyone can have their own space if needed, something which can be very important to ensure a relaxing family holiday.

Having a holiday cottage with a kennel may feel as though you are being a little cruel, you brought the dog away with you to ensure that it wasn’t left alone and that you could spend time together as a family but then you have a kennel to put it in in case you need it? It may sound a little mean. This isn’t necessarily the case though. Having a holiday cottage with a kennel does not have to be something mean, it simply means that you are ensuring that you have somewhere safe that you can let the dog have some freedom if you need to go out. Having a dog kennel is perfect if you want to pop out briefly but can’t take the dog with you as it ensures that the dog has somewhere safe to stay while you are out if you don’t want to leave it in the house alone.

Not only this, but a main feature of a dog kennel is that it has a roof, as opposed to a dog run. This means that if your dog is out and the weather turns bad, the dog has somewhere to stay sheltered and warm, if for some reason it cannot come inside the house. For this reason, a dog kennel may be kinder than leaving your dog out in a dog run, meaning that they can stay warm and dry and that you can have complete peace of mind about your dogs safety.

Many dog kennels come with dog runs attached to them, meaning that you do not have to worry about your dog being caged up inside and trapped in a small space. These dog runs tend to be quite large and spacious meaning that your dog is able to get exercise if it wants to. This gives your dog a choice of what it would like to do, either relax inside or exercise in the dog run, allowing your dog to relax and take a holiday too if it wants to! Having a kennel with a dog run attached does mean that you do not need to worry as to whether your dog will be getting the exercise it needs but also ensures that you know that your dog won’t be bounding around, getting into any trouble or annoying other people, therefore, in this respect a dog kennel is perfect to have on your holiday for those times when you are not around and the dog can’t come with you.

Having a dog kennel available to you while you’re on holiday is really there for convenience more than anything. It means that you have the option to use the kennel if you want to, meaning that you know you have a safe place that your dog can stay if it is needed.

Cottages with communal dog kennels

Certain pet-friendly holiday cottage complexes have kennels where you can leave your dog

There are always those occasions during a holiday when you would like to go out for a meal or to the theatre and have to make arrangements for your dog. Dogs cannot be left inside holiday cottages alone and kennels are the answer for an evening out. There are certain cottages which have communal kennels that serve this purpose.


Dogs welcome self-catering holidays

There are of course, plenty of holiday cottages where dogs are welcome to stay with you for a self-catering holiday. In fact, dog owners make up a large percentage of self-caterers because it is so convenient to just take the dog along as well. Do take a look at pet-friendly holiday lets and find somewhere to go on holiday in Britain or Ireland with your dog.


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Dogs Welcome Cottages

Dog owners prefer self-catering accommodation because they can bring their dogs on holiday. A cottage near a beach or out in the sticks is wonderful for anyone with a dog..

  • Self-catering can be very good value when compared with the cost of boarding dogs in kennels.
  • Decide where you would like to rent that pet-friendly holiday cottage which dog friendly facilities you would like your cottage with.

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