Cottages with a large television

Most people expect their holiday cottage to have a TV as good as the one they watch at home

cottages with a large TVMany people would argue that when you are on holiday, you do not need a television but this is simply silly. Your holiday is meant to be a more luxurious version of home and to deny yourself the opportunity to watch television while away would be foolish, you’re able to watch telly when you’re at home but not on holiday - that simply does not make any sense.

If you choose to opt for a holiday cottage with a television, you avoid children moaning that they are bored, one of the biggest problems facing parents who choose to holiday in the United Kingdom where the weather really can’t be relied on. If the children are unable to play outside because it’s raining, they’re bound to get bored very quickly, and by having a television, you avoid this happening. They are able to sit and watch television until the weather gets nicer again and they can go and play outside. This means that you get a break from trying to entertain them and they are not bored, so it’s win win for everyone really.

No compromise during your cottage holiday

Have your TV and watch your favourite programmes.

Some people think that watching the telly on holiday means that you wont talk to each other, but this really isn’t the case. The television can be an extremely sociable activity as you can talk and discuss shows, or if you’re watching game shows you can play along yourself! This is something fun to do at night if you’re in a fairly quiet village and are unable to go out anywhere and it is something fun to do as a family as well. There is no reason why you should miss out on watching your favourite television shows or remain informed about the news simply because you are on holiday, and by opting for a holiday cottage with a television, this ensures that you are not missing out.

Most televisions nowadays come with a built in DVD player and many holiday cottages now offer games consoles for the people who are renting them. This means that as a family you are able to watch films or play DVD games and that the kids can play their own video games if they get bored. Not only this though, many video games are suitable for numerous players meaning that the whole family can join in, have some bonding time and have fun while doing it, you have got to admit that that sounds more fun than playing Monopoly every night for two weeks.

Why should you allow your standards to drop simply because you are on holiday? Having a large television has become a comfort and the norm to many and this should not be any different simply because you are away from home. Not only this, but watching films on a large screen really does make it, helping to give you a little bit of a cinematic experience while you’re away. Games on a large screen are infinitely better too, and there is no reason you should compromise what you are used to simply because you are on holiday.

Televisions on holiday have now become the norm and opting for a holiday cottage with a television for your break is something that you definitely will not regret!

Luxury holiday cottages may have a cinema room

A few holiday cottages at the more expensive end of the scale may have a dedicated cinema room with a large screen which is a real treat for film buffs.


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Cottage Holidays with TV

Almost everyone would like a television in a holiday cottage despite being on holiday. We are all so used to checking the news, weather or sports results. Not everyone has mobile Internet and reception can be poor in certain areas.

  • Even if the scenery is magnificent and there are plenty of activities on offer, it can be relaxing to sit down to watch a movie and rest before another day or sightseeing or physical activity. It is much more rewarding to watch a film on a large TV than a small one.

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