Cottages with a nature trail

A nature trail is a pleasant rural ramble with plants and wildlife to spot as your walk.

holiday cottages near nature trailsWhen you’re away on a family holiday, you want to do something different to what your normally do, right? You don’t want to just be stuck inside, everyone entertaining themselves separately, you might as well not even be away on holiday if you are going to do that really. If you fancy doing something a little different while you’re away on holiday, opting for a holiday cottage with nearby nature trails could be exactly what you are looking for.

It is generally country cottages that have nature trails nearby, although not exclusively. Up and down Britain and in Ireland there are stunning places for nature rambles. Take a look at holiday cottages in the Lincolnshire Wolds or in the Welsh Marches, a really beautiful part of the countryside overlapping England and Wales.

Much of the Isle of Wight is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the island is inter-connected with a myriad of walks and trails that allow the rambler to fully enjoy nature. Take a look at Isle of Wight cottages to rent to be surrounded by splendid English countryside on holiday.

Most of Scotland offers paths and trails where nature can be observed and enjoyed in peace. Ireland too, has lovely rural and coastal areas that are perfect for birdwatching and country walks.

Cottages near a nature trail

Cottage owners sometimes create a nature trail attached to their holiday park.

Fernhill Cottage in Devon near nature trailsNature trails mean that you and your family have a safe and protected place that you can go and walk, cycle, run or whatever you fancy while you are on holiday. This gets you all outside into the fresh air of the countryside, providing a complete break from normal and everyday life. You are able to choose which trail you would like to do and are also able to go and walk as a family, chatting and bonding over something that isn’t a pixelated image for once. With a cottage with nature trails nearby, you can really make a day of being outside and cherishing the outdoors by stopping off for a picnic or a drink at the village pub along your walk, something you’d be unlikely to do at home, you have to admit.

Not only this, holiday cottages with nature trails nearby are perfect for dog owners who want to take their beloved pet away on holiday with them. Many nature trails allow dogs on them too meaning that the dog can get its exercise and have fun and the rest of the family can too. The fresh air of being out all day on a nature trail is bound to make everyone exhausted at night time, ensuring everyone gets a good nights sleep too! There is simply no point in going on holiday with your dog only to stay inside your cottage all the time. This isn’t fair on you or your dog, so nature trails can be a perfect solution for this.

Snippets of the countryside in a nature trail on holiday

You do not have to walk far to appreciate a few wildlowers, a tumbling stream and sunlight glinting through trees

rent a cottage in the stunning British countryside and enjoy nature and wildflowersThe scenery often surrounding holiday cottages is perfect, like nothing you’re likely to have seen before, and this makes a holiday cottage with a nature trail nearby simply perfect for a budding artist or photographer, you can sit on the trail and paint to your hearts content or snap away and get some of the most beautiful shots of the idyllic countryside that the United Kingdom has to offer, that has to beat sitting inside staring at a television screen, does not it?

If you’re into the outdoors and adventure, a holiday cottage with a nature trail is the perfect solution to your holiday dilemmas. You’re away from home, you can get away and be at one with nature and it’s a change of scenery too. It’s perfect. Holiday cottages with nature trails are perfect for everyone and once you have seen what the great outdoors has to offer, I’m sure staring at a screen all day will seem far less appealing. A holiday is supposed to be a break, something different for you and your family so why not make sure it is this and try out some new activities in a beautiful setting.






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Cottage Nature Holidays

People of all ages find it pleasurable to trek down a nature trail, spotting plants and creatures as they walk. Rural views and scenery are absorbed and appreciated at walking pace. It is possible to stop at intervals to gaze at something interesting or to capture it on camera.

    Rent a holiday cottage with nature trails nearby and improve your physical and mental well-being. There is nothing like the beauty of the countryside to uplift our spirits and restore the joy of life. Make a list of the things that that you would like to have with your holiday cottage for a happy holiday in Britain.

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