Cottages with a park nearby

Children need to run around and get rid of that excess energy and especially on holiday.

cottages near a park Not every holiday cottage is blessed with having a massive garden that your children or pets can run around in all day but that does not mean that you want to spend the entire holiday with them cooped up inside complaining that they’re bored and that they want to play outside - this simply does not make a relaxing holiday for you, or anyone else. If your children are the type that enjoy playing outside, but you can’t seem to find that perfect holiday cottage with a garden, there is a perfect solution. Hiring a holiday cottage with a park nearby allows them to play outside, and lets you relax, knowing that all their excess holiday energy and excitement is being burnt off and you and your children are not going to go stir crazy.

Staying in a holiday cottage with a park nearby is perfect for children who want to go outside and play but can’t at your holiday cottage. Maybe the garden is too small, or maybe there isn’t a garden that they can play in, but either way, you’re on holiday and you don’t want them stuck inside. A park can come in really useful here, allowing them all the space they want to run around and play, while you can sunbathe or read or whatever you want to do.

Cottages with a park nearby to keep the children happy

A large green space near your holiday cottage for ball games and cricket

Not only is a holiday cottage with a park useful if you have very active children, it is also useful if you have taken your dog away on holiday with you. Sometimes the gardens that come with holiday cottages simply are not big enough for you to play games with your pet, but with a park nearby, this isn’t an issue. You can take the dog to the park, knowing that it is a safe place for it to be walked, run around and play fetch. A park is a safe environment which is definitely something you want if you plan to let your dog off its lead in a place that neither you or your dog knows very well.

Having the park nearby also means that it does not have to be a massive mission to get you, your family and assorted pets to the park. You can probably walk there and you don’t have to drive for a long time just to get to some suitable land for everyone to play on. Whether you have a garden at home and want to ensure you have the same space on holiday, or whether you have no outdoor space at home and want to have this luxury while you’re away on holiday, a park nearby can ensure that you and your family have all the open space that you will need.

Having a park nearby may not sound like a big thing to have when you’re on holiday, but if you end up with a cottage without a garden, you want to make sure that they still spend time outside and get the fresh air they need. It’s perfect for children and pets and prevents you having to listen to them moaning that they’re bored. Simply take them to the park, take a picnic and lie back and relax in the sun - after all, you are on holiday too, you deserve to relax!

Holiday cottages with their own parkland

There are holiday parks with cottages to rent set in parkland or extensive gardens. These may have a football pitch, swing park, a sand pit and various facilities where children can play safely during their holiday. A few examples are given below:

self-catering cottages on the Colmer Estate in Devon with excellent facilities set within parkland.

Darwin Forest Country Park in Derbyshire - log cabin accommodation, cycle paths, children's play park and a swimming pool.





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Stay in a holiday cottage near a park to ensure that children always have somewhere to play, even if the cottage is in the centre of town or in a remote rural area.

  • It is always very nice for children to be able to play in fields and woodland. Times have changed however, and today's parents do not feel that it is safe to allow their children to wander freely. That is when a park where parents can monitor their children is immensely useful. Plan what you would like to do on holiday and make a list of what you would like your cottage with.

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