Cottages with a pets corner

A pets corner brings a few moments of delight into a small child's holiday.

Booking a cottage with a pets corner for your holiday may seem like a strange thing to do, something you probably wouldn’t have thought of, something a bit unusual. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do this though, and with many cottages having pets corners, it can be a very appealing option for families.

Can you imagine your children’s faces when they go outside to see animals that they can play with and look after in the garden of your cottage. This really is an experience for them, something different that they can tell to their friends - I mean, not many people have a pets corner on the site of their holiday cottage do they?

The pets available will range from sheep and cows to smaller pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs meaning that your children could potentially meet new animals that they havent heard of before. If you fancy renting out a holiday cottage with a pets corner, it would be a good idea to contact the cottage owner in advance to find out whether you can go in with the animals and if you will be expected to help care for the animals while you are away.

A cottage with a pets corner would be a wonderful addition to any holiday, particularly for people who live in the city and choose to holiday in the country. Due to living in the city, there is the possibility that your children may not have experienced being in the country around animals before, and being on holiday in a cottage with a pets corner really is a perfect opportunity to introduce your children to animals in a controlled way, getting them used to them and stopping them being afraid. Another dimension is added to the holiday if it is your responsibility to care for the animals, as this means that your children will get a sense of responsibility with looking after and feeding the animals, showing them that they need to be cared for. This is perfect if you are interested in getting pets or simply want to introduce your children to animals as you can then see how they will cope with them - not only is this a holiday, this is a learning experience.

Along with learning and responsibility, having a pets corner in your cottage is likely to want to make your kids spend outside with the animals. This prevents them being cooped up inside all day, meaning that they can burn off their energy and also means that you can avoid them crying and moaning that they are bored and have nothing to do. There is nothing like being outdoors to tire children out, and with a pets corner, they’ll be tired out and You will be able to have a chilled out and relaxed holiday!

A pets corner on holiday isn’t suitable for everyone but having one while you are away can be very useful to help your kids get used to animals, teach them responsibility and also give them a great experience. It is bound to keep them outdoors, entertained and out from under your feet meaning that you can relax, put your feet up and spend your holiday doing what you want.

Cottages on a farm

Cottages on a working farm with animals is the next best things to cottages with a pets corner.

farm holidays in self catering cottagesIt may not be possible to find a suitable cottage for your family break, especially if you have left it late to book. A good alternative is renting holiday cottages on a farm that has livestock. Children can see the farm animals and perhaps help feed them. Some farm holidays keeps chickens and small animals purely to entertain the children.

This sheep and arable farm shown on the right is set in the midst of rolling hills and amazingly beautiful countryside in the Welsh Marches. Wild flowers are prolific and sheep dor the hillsides. Travel the country lanes at the wrong time and you may be met by a flock of sheep barring your way.







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Cottage Holidays & Pets

Stay in a holiday cottage with a pets or domestic animals corner that children can spend some time in. Most children like to handle rabbits and guinea pigs, feed chickens and goats.

    Various holiday cottages have their own attractions on offer and some self-catering businesses concentrate on family holidays and attracting young families with children. A petting corner is ideal.

Make a list of facilities that your would like a family friendly cottage with.

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