Cottages with a power shower

For holidaymakers who enjoy a shower with plenty of water and pressure

holiday cottages with a power showerWhen spending your hard-earned cash on a relaxing holiday – whether just for you or with loved ones – you want to feel like you’re on holiday. You don’t work the best part of your life away for nothing, after all! Now, the holiday feeling can mean many different things to many different people, but a sense of luxury is undoubtedly high on the agenda of most. And while luxury comes in various different forms, there is surely no more simple, yet indulgent pleasure than a cottage holiday with a power shower.

And why wouldn’t you want to push the boat out for such luxury? The day-to-day mediocrity of normal life is what we seek to escape when we take time out from the norm, right? So surely mediocrity and mundanity should be left firmly back at home – even in their most unremarkable, watery forms!

One quite remarkable way to spend time unwinding, though, is an idyllic cottage break – one of the United Kingdom’s most popular and traditional holiday types. These escapes to countryside and coast are always pleasurable experiences, yes, but experiences than can definitely be enhanced by a few of the finer details. And though it may seem something minor at first glance, one such detail is actually the inclusion of a quality power shower. (How very bourgeois!)

Holiday cottage with a powerful shower wash that sand right out of your hair

A shower with power.

holiday cottages with a powerful showerOne time that a power shower’s inclusion is particularly beneficial, is when enjoying a coastal cottage holiday (which many cottage holidays tend to be). By booking a cottage with a beautiful, relaxing bathroom and power shower, not only will you enjoy a blissful, high-pressure awakening each morning, but you’ll reap the rewards every evening, too. Getting that nasty, sticky sand off following long hot day on the beach can be a bit of a chore, but is certainly less so with a power shower doing the hard work for you.

Just about everyone has enjoyed a sunny day by the sea to find, on arriving back at your chalet or cottage, that sand has snuck its way into just about every place possible on your body. And wet sand in particular can be a real nightmare to remove – as any boogie border, surfer or just-dip-a-toe-in pro will tell you!

Then, sand aside, there are children – such wonderful little complications! If it’s a family cottage break you plan on taking, which involves a young child, or children, you might want to make a power shower the number priority. Parents know all too well the state that those mucky pups can get themselves in, what with spilled drinks, misplaced food (old yoghurt, anyone?) and crayons all managing to make their daily mark on little ones. (Now obviously very young children aren’t going to be using a power shower… but older children will certainly benefit from a quick-and-easy clean, rather than wallowing in the bath while everyone is jostling for a spot in the bathroom.)

On the adult side of things, taking a power shower is just such a wonderfully simple pleasure, that it should be mandatory when you’re going on holiday. No, instead of trying to wash your hair with a sad, gentle drip, you can wash away the stresses of everyday life – and come out clean on the other side, ready for each new day of your holiday.




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A holiday in a self catering cottage with a games machine can bring great fun to any time that you spend inside the cottage. Holidays in Britain or Ireland inevitably come with a wet day or two and a games machine will be a boon.

  • If you know in advance what type of games machine there is, you may just wish to borrow some games from your library o even invest in one. Although games, DVDs and books are often provided on holiday, we all have our favourites and may wish to bring something that we know the family will definitely enjoy.

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