Cottages with a pub nearby

Enjoy a sociable holiday with a pub within walking distance.

self catering cottages with a pub nearbyWhen you go away on holiday, you really want to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself. This can mean that having a pub within walking distance from where you are staying really can be an absolute necessity for many people. It’s often a home comfort that no one wants to do without, and after a long, hard day or enjoying the outdoors, there really is nothing better than popping down to the local and letting all of your stress melt away.

The photograph on the right shows one of the public houses overlooking the harbour in Port Isaac - the Cornish village where the TV series 'Doc Martin' was filmed.

Cottages with a pub nearby for good family holidays

Many pubs have gardens with play areas for children

There is something very comforting about country pubs, they have a lovely atmosphere and are often very child friendly. This is brilliant if you are away with your family as it means that you don’t have to worry about taking the kids out to the pub with you and you know that they will be in a really safe environment. Often these pubs come with outdoor play areas for kids or have things for them to do, meaning that the kids will be safely distracted while you sit back and enjoy your drink. It’s often more relaxing for the entire family to go to the pub than going to a fancy restaurant, especially with young children and after all, that’s what a holiday is about isn’t it - relaxing?

Not only is a pub great if you want to go out with the children but it is also great for if you are staying self catering but don’t want to cook some of the time you are away. Having a pub near means that you are able to go and eat out but that you won’t have to dress up or spend lots of money to do so, and You will be getting a proper meal too - a win win all round. It’s always great to have a pub near your holiday cottage to have this as an option, so if you are thinking of booking a self catering holiday cottage soon, remember to bare this in mind while you search.

Cottages with a pub nearby for meals out

It's local, convenient and easy on holiday

The best thing about having a pub nearby means that no one has to drive anywhere. Taxis are hard to get, especially in the countryside, so this isn’t always an option meaning that staying in a holiday cottage with a pub in walking distance really is the next best thing. This means that everyone who wants to drink can have a drink - because after all, it is your holiday too - and that no one has to be responsible for the driving. Not only this but the walk down to the pub is bound to help you build up an appetite and is sure to help you sober up on the way home - if you need it!

Imagine going out for a days walking out through the country and returning to the village pub, tired and weary, collapsing into a seat and tucking into a warming meal and a pint - sounds perfect, right? A pub is the staple of village life, so if you’re looking to experience the true British countryside while you are away, you really really need to have a local village pub.

Staying by a pub is great and it gives you true flexibility on your holiday - if you don’t feel like cooking, you can go there or you can pop in for a quick drink after a long hard walk. Whether you use a local pub to shelter from the rain or for meals, You will be thankful that you had the option if you choose to book a holiday cottage with a local pub nearby.


Cottages with pubs nearby for entertainment

It's very nice to go out for an evening of entertainment and conversation


A self-catering holiday in a cottage has its advantages of comfort and privacy, however, most of us like to go out during the evening for a meal, a drink in the pub and some entertainment. It can be most relaxing to listen to a band or a musician and pubs often organise some entertainment at weekend in popular holiday destinations.

Anyone visiting Ireland would expect some Irish music to liven up their evenings and this happens in various other holiday destinations as well.

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Cottages near a Pub

Holiday-makers behave in a different manner when away from home. They may not venture anywhere near a pub all year and yet seek one out for meals during a holiday. Self-catering is comfortable and pleasant, however, holidays are about relaxation - it's nice to go out for a companionable meal and no washing up.

  • There are all sorts of combinations for self-catering breaks in Britain - sit down and plan what you would like your holiday cottage with.

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