Cottages with a sauna

Get hot and bothered during your holiday

Saunas come from Scandinavian origins, adding a touch of class to any holiday. They’re considered luxurious and extremely relaxing, turning your self catering cottage into your own miniature spa for a much smaller price tag. Relaxation is guaranteed and all your every day stresses are sure to melt away once you have seen the beautiful, cosy cottage You will be staying in and tested out the sauna - sounds amazing does not it? Saunas are perfect to ensure that you return home from your holiday perfectly relaxed. If everything is getting too stressful, it’s nothing that a sauna session will not be able to solve, and having one of these with your self catering holiday cottage is sure to be something You will never regret, whether you want a romantic retreat or an escape from the kids, a sauna will help you out.

Self-catering cottages with a private sauna

Relax completely naked if you wish - it's your holiday, your time.

self catering holiday cottages with a saunaNowadays, the sauna attached to holiday cottages is purely for the use of the individual cottage, meaning that you can have the perfect sauna experience without some stark naked old man coming in and spoiling it for you, what could sound more appealing than that. If the kids are stressing you out, you can simply hide away in the sauna, the perfect opportunity for escape! With the sauna being your own, this means you can have the temperature as high or low as you’d like, without consideration for others. You don’t have to share your sauna with anyone you don’t know, and as you’re self catering without any schedule, you can stay in the sauna as long as you’d like or use it whenever you choose - it’s perfect.

Not only is a sauna relaxing, its bound to make your holiday more relaxing - it’s not every day you can say you stayed in a cottage with a sauna! They add something special to your holiday, perfect if you need a break from the reality of everyday life, a real getaway. Sauna’s as an addition to your holiday cottage are particularly good if you’re going away for a special occasion as a treat, allowing you to have facilities that you wouldn’t get every day - what could be better than your own private sauna?

Whether you fancy a treat or simply want something out of the ordinary, there’s nothing like staying in a cottage with a sauna to make everyone jealous. You’re sure to have the perfect, romantic couples retreat, something neither of you will ever forget. With personal and private use of your own sauna, what could be more perfect as an escape? You will have the freedom to use the sauna whenever you want, and then be able to walk straight out of it and into your warm, cosy and homely cottage - no horrible trips to and from a spa for you on this holiday!

Featuring cottages in Suffolk with a sauna

Suffolk is an amazing east English county to holiday in, extremely beautiful and olde worlde with a coastline, woodlands and hundreds of tea shops to keep all the visitors happy.

A cottage holiday in Suffolk offers a satisfying blend of beautiful countryside, ancient preserved villages, inspiring architecture and a coastline studded with marinas, nature reserves and beaches. It has the best collection of gorgeous holiday cottages anywhere in the UK, of which a proportion have a sauna to add another layer of pleasure to a holiday. Take a look at cottages with a sauna in Suffolk and explore this lovely English holiday destination through photographs.

A holiday home in Ireland with a sauna perhaps?

Saunas have their origins in Scandinavia where they have been a staple part of culture for more than 2,000 years. Over time, these small rooms which provide sensuous heat sensations have come to be associated with luxury and relaxation. A holiday in Ireland can be fascinating and great fun, however, the weather is as unpredictable as Britain’s. Book a holiday home in Ireland with its own private sauna and you can get warmed through to your bones. You will be able to end each day of your holiday glowing and contented.

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Cottage Holidays & Saunas

Stay in a holiday cottage with a sauna, swimming pool, or jacuzzi, for a pampering self-catering break in Britain or Ireland.

  • A sauna with a holiday cottage may be a personal sauna, one incorporated into a shower or a purpose built cabin at the end of the garden.

Groups of cottages may share a spa suite or communal sauna. Fun, fun, fun.

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