Cottages with a superking-size bed

Truly comfortable wide beds for a superior night's sleep

holiday cottages with a super king size bedThere are quite a few holiday cottages that provide the luxury of a super-king bed. These tend to be towards the top end of the holiday market since a bed of these proportions necessitates a generously sized bedroom. A big comfortable bed is essential in the holiday business, especially as people have opted for them in their own homes.

A spacious bed ensures a better night’s sleep with your partner. A superking bed is about 6ft wide , which is equivalent to two single beds side by side and allows for ample space to turn and stretch without disrupting our partner’s sleep. The system in common use in holiday accommodation is ‘zip-link’ which is a flexible system of selecting either two single beds or zipping them together to join as one large bed.

The usual length for a superking or kingsize bed is 6ft 6in which is long enough for the majority of holidaymakers. A kingsize bed is roughly 6in less wide than the super king version.

Holiday cottage bedrooms

The bedroom of your dreams.

We would all like to rent the most beautiful holiday cottages but unfortunately, for most us, our budget simply cannot stretch that far. Although we may admire and aspire to stay in a stunning holiday home, most of us settle for accommodation within our budget.

There are still quite lovely cottages with kingsize bedrooms that may be a touch more compact than we would like. The important thing is to sleep well and feel relaxed on holiday. The purpose of a holiday is pleasure and a change from our normal life. A fantastic accommodation is just part of the story, the rest is made up of interesting sights, good food, good company and hopefully sunshine.

Dorset cottage kingsize bed

Some of the bedroom features that get our senses racing, apart from wide beds, are the following:

Walk in wardrobes
Luxury en-suite bathrooms
Really powerful showers
A Jacuzzi bath
A balcony to the bedroom and a good view




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Cottage Holidays Overview

A holiday in a self catering cottage with a games machine can bring great fun to any time that you spend inside the cottage. Holidays in Britain or Ireland inevitably come with a wet day or two and a games machine will be a boon.

  • If you know in advance what type of games machine there is, you may just wish to borrow some games from your library o even invest in one. Although games, DVDs and books are often provided on holiday, we all have our favourites and may wish to bring something that we know the family will definitely enjoy.

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