Cottages with a wood burner

A woodburner fills a holiday cottage with a warm glow

holiday cottages with a wood burnerWhen choosing a cottage for your holiday, you want to make sure its perfect for your needs. With the Great British weather being as unreliable as it is throughout the year, whether you’re going on holiday in summer or winter, one thing that should always be considered is how You will heat your cottage to the temperature you like, ensuring that you and your family remain warm, toasty and cosy during those cold nights.

Logs are usually supplied for the wood burner. Sometimes an intial starter pack of logs is supplied and holiday-makers are required to purchase more.

Rent cottages for 6 with a log fire - and keep the family cosy on those colder autumn and early spring evenings for half term cottage lettings in the UK.

Keep the home fires burning in your holiday cottage

Just keep feeding the wood burner with logs

While there is the obvious option of central heating available, you’re not always able to control the temperature of this yourself, meaning that you can end up with your cottage too hot or too cold depending on the unpredictable weather and your own personal preferences.This is why some people choose to rent a cottage with a wood burner. This allows you to have complete control over the temperature of your cottage, being able to switch the fire on and off as you want to.

Not only does having a wood burner allow you to control the temperature of your cottage, there’s also something special about having a wood burner. With few people having or using working fires in their homes nowadays, having a wood burner on holiday can feel like quite the novelty. Making your cottage feel more special and giving your holiday a more unique feel, an addition as simple as a wood burner can completely transform your holiday and your holiday cottage into something far more quirky feeling.

A wood burner as an addition to a holiday cottage is particularly useful in the winter months when weather in the UK tends to take a turn for the worse. Imagine this, you have been for a walk then gone to the local pub, and now you’re walking back to you’re cottage. It’s night time and you’re cold, face red and skin stinging. Imagine that when you get back to your cottage, you can walk through the door, light the wood burner and have a roaring fire to warm you up within seconds - is there a more perfect thought?

There’s nothing more romantic than cuddling up and feeling the heat of a fire against your skin, so if you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, a cottage with its own gas burner is sure to go down a treat. No matter what the weather outside, you can stay warm and toasty inside your cottage, what’s more relaxing and chilled out than that? You get the warmth that you can control yourself and the beauty of the flames of the fire - it’s going to be a holiday to remember. If that does not scream perfect winter break, then I have no idea what will!



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The end of March in 2013 in Britain and Ireland was windswept and chilly with snow on the hills. An early Easter arrives at the end of March, a popular time for family breaks in holiday cottages. This is when a wood burner is really appreciated. Children may enjoy playing in snow but it is so nice to come in to real heat and a warm glow.

  • Ensure that the holiday cottage you book is cosy despite the British weather. Make a list of things that you would like your cottage to have.

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