Cottages with an ice machine

For long cool drinks on hot summer evenings

It’s hot and you’re on holiday in a self catering cottage. For once in Great Britain the sun is shining and the kids are moaning that they’re far too hot. You get up to go and look in the freezer for some ice to put in their drinks to try and help cool them down, but, to your dismay, when you open the freezer, there’s no ice to be found! Can you imagine if this happened to you when you were on holiday, it would be so annoying right? Well, you could so easily avoid this whole traumatic scenario by opting to rent a holiday cottage with an ice machine already installed in it. Admittedly, cottages equipped with a proper ice machine tend to be 5 star luxury cottages and if you do not mind a freezer with an ice cube tray then a less expensive self-catering cottage could be rented.

Luxury cottages with ice makers

Ice is not sophisticated, just nice!

luxury cottagesThis may sound like the smallest of luxuries but as every parent knows it’s far far better to have normal temperature children that boiling hot moaning ones - and with ice on tap, can can avoid any of those temperature related tantrums. Not only does having an ice machine help keep everyone cool and prevent heat related arguments, it also means you can have ice whenever you want it. This is massively useful as it means you don’t have to wait for ice to refreeze once you have used it up, perfect if you have a family who like to use an excessive amount of ice cubes as You will simply never run out!

Another big advantage of having an ice machine is that it saves you space in the freezer, which is particularly useful if your cottage has one of those fridge/freezer combination appliances with a very small freezer. Having an ice machine means that you don’t take up valuable freezer space with either trays of ice cubes (which can easily be spilt if not frozen properly) or a bag of ice that you have bought as a necessity. This means You will have more space for either frozen meals, if you plan on cooking yourself at your cottage or for ice cream, which is bound to make everyone happy.

An ice machine also takes away the worry as to whether there’ll be ice cube trays or not. You don’t want the dilemma of deciding whether you need to take ice cube trays away with you, deciding not to and then finding out there isn’t any in the cottage. No ice for anyone then! With an ice machine, this worry is never there as You will always be able to get ice whenever you want it.

While opting for a cottage with an ice machine might sound like the smallest thing, it can actually make a big difference to the overall tone of your holiday. Everyone knows that heat and a confined space is never good, so it’s really far easier to opt for a holiday cottage with an ice machine. You know that if you didn’t, there’d be bound to be a heatwave, and you don’t want to have any regrets on your perfect family summer holiday.



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Stay in a luxurious holiday cottage with a host of facilities including an ice maker of some sort. Long cool drinks can be the order of the day - much appreciated on hot summer days.

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