Looking for a holiday cottage to rent in August?

We can direct you to a list of cottages which still have some remaining dates for a week or weekend break in August

cottages with available dates in August Have you left booking a cottage holiday for August a little late?

August is the month with the highest demand for family holidays in the UK. It’s because the sun can be relied upon to shine fairly constantly, give or take the occasional shower. Everything is geared up at the height of the tourist season and in full swing. Eateries, fun fairs, theatres and parks will all be fully operational and expecting summer visitors. It is a very good time to take a holiday in Britain. Why travel abroad with all the inconveniences and risks when you can stay home and have great weather, a country, culture and currency you know and understand?

British holiday cottages offer the best and most comfortable self-catering experience. Families love them because there is space for everyone to spread out and not annoy each other. Even if there is a shower (can happen in August) and the vote is to stay in and watch a film on TV, there is a TV and you can bring out the supply of popcorn, ice creams and drinks from your own kitchen and enjoy being together until the bad weather passes.

One person’s August cancellation is another person’s last minute booking

Booking late on near August does restrict choice, however, there are always a few cottages with available dates for a week, mid-week or weekend break. Sadly, there are always people who have to cancel at the last minute because of a family calamity or work related concern which releases additional August dates.

You may have to be a touch flexible and perhaps opt for six days or whatever is on offer. It may also be worth booking a few days in one property and then moving on for a few days in another not too far away. That would certainly make the holiday more varied and interesting.

Booking a cottage in Wales for August

Everyone loves a Welsh holiday - it has everything that a British holiday could possibly provide

By the time August arrives, the holiday season is well under way and beaches will be full of families with active children paddling and digging. August is the month for paddling in Britain. The temperature of the sea does not vary significantly from one season to another but just the prospect of the sun shining hard and heavenly blue skies makes the thought much more appealing.

View cottages in Wales available during August

Lots of people go on holiday to Wales for the seaside because of the quality of the beaches. Certain resorts and beaches have developed a reputation over the years and people know that the coast and beaches of the Mumbles near Swansea are stunning, as is the Llewyn peninsula at the north end of Cardigan Bay. There are, however, lots of really attractive seaside towns in Cardigan Bay and on the north Wales coast.

August is equally lovely in the countryside and the Welsh national parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are the ones to head for to find that beautiful country cottage.



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Cottage Holidays Overview

Stay in a holiday cottage with a bus stop within walking distance in Britain or Ireland makes it possible to explore using public transport. Bus travel suits pensioners with concessionary bus passes.

  • Self-catering is the budget conscious way of going on holiday. Facilities vary and obviously the higher the rental rate, the better the facilities. Do shop around though because there is a fair bit of variation up and down Britain. Decide where you would like to go and what you would like your holiday cottage with.

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