Cottages with baby equipment for baby friendly holidays

The provision of a cot, high chair, bottle warmers and similar baby equipment is most welcome.

baby friendly self catering cottages with cotsChoosing to go away with a small baby can be a tricky choice. You like the comfort of home, you know it well and you know you have everything you need right there at your fingertips whenever you do need it. Deciding to go away on holiday can really feel like the safety blanket is being taken away from you - what if you go away and the baby is ill? What if you forget something? What if something happens and you’re not at home? - all these worries are bound to go through your head as concerned parents when you’re planning on going away but it does not have to be like this. There are some cottages which you can rent out that actually have their own baby equipment - such as a cot, bottle warmer, highchair etc already there waiting for you to use, so if you forget anything, it really isn’t the end of the world.

Having baby equipment waiting for you is really useful as it means that if you have forgotten something, it does not have to be a major drama as your cottage will more than likely provide it for you. It also means that you can leave some of the larger items that a baby needs, such as a cot and high chair at home, so you have more space in the car for what really matters, such as clothes and toys. It’s just one easy way to take the stress out of your holiday as knowing equipment that you may need is provided for you ensures that you don’t have to take 101 things and the kitchen sink away with you - hopefully, this will help your holiday feel less stressful.

As well as this, safety can be a big concern for parents, with obvious reason. Many holiday cottages provide important safety items for children such as stair gates, ensuring that there is no way that your precious offspring remain safe from harm even when you’re away from home. This ensures that you can have peace of mind that if they do get up out of their bed, they won’t come to any harm, meaning that you can relax in bed for just a little bit longer - making your break that little bit more relaxing, and hopefully helping to make you a little bit less sleep deprived.

If it is your first break away with a new baby, having equipment there can be really useful as there may even be some equipment there that you hadn’t even thought you’d need to bring. With a new baby, everything is a learning curve, so having items provided for you just gives you that reassurance that you really will have everything that you will need while you’re away.

The point of going away on holiday is to be relaxed, not stressed out further, and if your holiday cottage has equipment for your baby already provided, it can be far easier for you to relax. You know if you have forgotten anything, it will be there waiting for you so you really can rest easy, knowing that any disaster will be easily averted all because you decided to make a sensible decision when booking your family holiday!

Cottage holidays geared to families with a baby

Babies need a vast array of equipment and clothes on holiday

Going on holiday with a baby takes a great deal of planning and preparation, especially if your cottage is a long away from the shops. Cottage holidays that specialise in young families are a welcome boon.



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Cottage Holidays Overview

Rent a holiday cottage that is equipped for people staying with babies and experience the easy of self-catering when all essential baby items are provided. Certain holiday cottage companies specialise in self-catering breaks with babies and young children.

  • The most common baby items provided are cots, high chairs, changing mats and bottle warmers. Make a list of the equipment that you would like and search for a holiday cottage with the best match.

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