Cottages with a BBQ for self-catering holidays

Cooking in the garden is a pleasant task during the summer

holiday cottages with a barbecueYou’re self catering but you’re on holiday. You don’t fancy spending hours slaving away in the kitchen, the weathers glorious and you’re wondering how you can solve the problem. You want a fun way of cooking that will give you tasty food that will keep everyone happy. Why not rent a self catering cottage with a BBQ! The BBQ is a fun way of cooking and once the food is cooking, you can put your feet up and relax - the perfect solution!



Relaxed self-catering with family and friends

Purchase ready prepared kebabs, sausages and burgers for minimal fuss.

Cooking on a BBQ means that you can keep an eye on the food while still being with your family rather than being stuck in the kitchen, ensuring that you can join in with the family fun too rather than being left out. There’s nothing like the smell of a BBQ in the summer to make everyone hungry, and this relaxed way of cooking is bound to be a hit with the whole family. BBQ weather only comes around once in a blue moon in this country so why not make the most of it when it does by giving yourself the opportunity to have a BBQ when on holiday. This low fuss option ensures that even mealtimes remain relaxed.

You may be wondering why you should hire a cottage with a BBQ and why you can’t just use your own disposable one that you have brought yourself. The problem is however that a lot of places don’t allow this due to fire hazards. They couldn’t have hundreds of disposable BBQ’s littering the garden of their cottage as it is simply not safe and so cottages with a BBQ will have a designated concreted area for this where BBQ’s are allowed. If you think that you may like to have a BBQ on holiday, you’re best to rent a self catering cottage with one in order to prevent yourself getting into trouble.

You may think that a BBQ sound like a lot of faffing about, but it isn’t, pretty much any food, including vegetables can be cooked on a BBQ, making them far more exciting and appealing to children, often meaning that they get eaten - win win. A BBQ is also a good idea if you fancy something a little different every once in a while when on holiday, it is a cheaper and more convenient option to eating out all the time too. Some self catering cottages may be set in locations which are too rural to be able to go out to eat and so BBQing means that you get some different types of food with minimal effort and can chat to your family while your cooking it - the next best thing to eating out.

If you’re looking for a simple and relaxed self catering holiday, opting for a cottage with a BBQ will really take the stress out of mealtimes. It’s another option for you which is low fuss yet also keeps everyone happy. It’s perfect for families and is also cheap - yet another fun and different thing to do on your holiday!

Booking cottages with a BBQ for a party

Large cottages and houses can often be rented for periods of 1-3 days, perfect for a weekend garden party.

Book a large cottage or house with its own extensive gardens for a garden party with BBQ. It is the perfect summer party event. Because you're self-catering, costs can be controlled quite easily. A BBQ party is also informal and a relaxed way of spending time with friends.



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Stay in a holiday cottage with a a barbecue in the garden and relish the thought of lazy cooking outside. There are cottages with swimming pool, holiday cottages with hot tubs, self-catering cottages with a games room to rent in all parts of Britain and Ireland.

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