Cottages with bicycles for cycling on holiday

Get to see more of the countryside during your self-catering holiday on a bike in Britain or Ireland.

holiday cottages with bicyclesHiring a holiday cottage with bicycles can be an extremely enjoyable experience for all the family, it allows you time outside as a family, letting you have fun while also getting valuable exercise and fresh air in perfect surroundings. A holiday cottage with bicycles really does mean that you have a mode of transport that means that you can get away from your everyday life, exactly what a holiday is for.

Hiring out bicycles while you're away means that you can ensure that the children are not simply say inside watching television or playing on games consoles while you're away. Biking is fun and interesting meaning that they'll want to be outside having fun cycling in the beautiful scenery, ensuring that they get the fresh air and exercise they need, showing them that they don't need to have a pixelated screen to have fun.

Cottages with bicycles for weekend breaks

Weekend cottage breaks with bicycles are available all around Britain and Ireland

Cycling is also an activity for the whole family, something you can all enjoy together, and this is precisely what a holiday is about, spending time together and bonding. What better way is there to do this than by going on a bike ride through the countryside, getting the perfect holiday photos and stopping for a picnic on the way. You will all get closer, no doubt ending up encouraging each other to carry on, and when you return, the family spirit will be stronger than ever.

Having the bicycles provided by your holiday cottage means that you do not have to try and fit your own bikes into the car and try and transport them to your holiday destination. This saves you more space in the car for the important things for your holiday such as food, clothes and games, so having the bicycles already there really can be a massive advantage. If you are concerned as to whether the bikes will be right for you and your family or what is provided with the bikes, getting in touch with your cottage provider regarding this is bound to help put your mind at ease.

English country cottages with bicycles

See the best of England from the back of a bicycle

Often, the countryside surrounding English holiday cottages is absolutely beautiful, the stuff of postcards and so if you're staying in this sort of setting, you want to make the most of it by ensuring that you don't spend all your time inside - that would simply be a waste! A bike ride is often a wonderful way to see all the stunning scenery with ease as often there are cycle paths surrounding holiday cottages. You can stop wherever you like along these trails, whether it is to photograph the views, use a more creative medium or simply sit back and marvel at the view. Cycling is often a more appealing option for children than going for a walk and so hiring out a holiday cottage with bicycles means that everyone gets to enjoy the scenery in a way that is deemed fun and without any moaning.

Good holiday destinations for hiring cottages with a bicycle are:

The Isle of Wight which has miles of safe cycle paths and fairly quiet country lanes

Nottinghamshire in the East Midlands

Lincolnshire in the East Midlands which is as flat as a pancake and perfect for cycling

Norfolk is another flat county with an extensive cycle path network

Hiring out a holiday cottage with it's own bicycles really does have many advantages, not only does it save you space when packing, it gives you options of activities that you can do, ensuring that you aren't all stuck in doors all the time. It's an activity suitable for all the family and bound to be a winner!


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Cottage Holidays Overview

Rent a holiday cottage with cycles that are available to guests, either to hire or simply borrow. Explore Great Britain or Ireland by pedal power.

    There are dedicated and safe cycle trails in various areas, for example the Tamar Valley in Cornwall, around Derwent Reservoir in Derbyshire and on the Isle of Wight.

    Decide what you would like your cottage with in addition to bicycles for a good self-catering break.

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