Cottages with boarding kennels nearby

For the times when you cannot stay in a pet-friendly holiday cottage.

A very small number of holiday cottages have the wonderful facility of kennels where dogs can be left for short periods of time. These may be in your holiday cottage garden or elsewhere on the site. The only other alternative is to put your dog in boarding kennels at home or near your holiday cottage. Boarding your dog for a day or two could be a possible option during your holiday should you wish to go sightseeing or stay somewhere overnight.

pet friendly cottages with a dog kennelIf you’re going away on holiday to a self catering holiday cottage, you want to take all the family with you - and in most families that includes the pets, particularly dogs. Taking your dog away on holiday with you though, can add some extra worries into the holiday, such as what will you do with the dog if you want to do something that you can’t take the dog with you, as some holiday cottages don’t want you to leave dogs unattended in the cottage. If this is a worry for you, booking a holiday cottage with boarding kennels nearby can really help you out.

Having boarding kennels near your holiday cottage means that you can go out and do activities that are not dog friendly while knowing that your dog will be well taken care of in the kennels. This means that you do not have to worry that your dog has been left in the holiday cottage on it’s own and also takes away the worry that your dog will break or damage anything while you’re not around to make sure that it does not. At the kennels, you know your dog will be well looked after, leaving you to get on with your day.

Boarding kennels also give you the option to take your dog away with you, even if the cottage that you have hired out does not allow pets to stay over. You will then be able to take your dog out for the day with you so you can have fun with your dog and then be able to return them to the kennels at night, knowing that they will be safe and you won’t get into any trouble. This means that no matter where you are staying, you are still able to enjoy a family holiday together - pets and all.

It often sits better with dog owners to leave their dog in kennels during the day if they are on holiday and are out during the day. This is because the dog is in a strange environment which can be distressing for them, particularly if they are left on their own in this environment. With a kennels, you know that there will be staff there to look after your dog and you know that they won’t be left on their own to get lonely and frightened. This allows you to have complete peace of mind while you’re away that your dog will be absolutely fine and enjoying themselves too!

Renting a holiday cottage with boarding kennels can be really useful on your holiday. Even if you are not sure that You will use them, having the kennels there can be useful in insuring that your holiday remains stress free. You will have them there if you need them, and if you don’t, you have given yourself the option, ensuring that your holiday is the most stress free that it can possibly be.

Cottages with boarding kennels nearby

Ensure that your dog is fully vaccinated and chipped or he may not be allowed to stay

Dog owners do not necessarily like leaving their pet in kennels and it is a last resort. If the boarding keenls are near your holiday cottage, you will be able to pop in and check on your dog from time to time.

Beeson Farm Self-catering cottages in South Hams, Devon have superb dog-friendly facilities and a dog holiday lodge a short drive away where dogs may be left to be cared for for a day or a few hours. This is ideal for those days when the family wants to do activities not suited to a dog. They also provide a stair gate and dog exercise areas with bins.



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