Pet-friendly cottages with a dog bed

A comfortable place for your dog to sleep in your self-catering cottage.

pet friendly cottages with a dog bed to rent for holidaysOften, the whole point of going away to a self catering cottage on your holidays is that you can take your beloved pets away with you, particularly your dog. You get a nice,soft comfortable bed while you’re away, so why shouldn’t your dog have all the luxuries of home too with a cottage ready equipped for him or her to stay in.

Having a dog bed while away in a holiday cottage means that you do not have to be lax with your dog’s discipline simply because you are away from home. You don’t have to allow them to sleep on the sofa or the bed to ensure that they get some comfort - something that they may not be allowed to do at home. Having a dog bed ready for you in the cottage means that your dog will understand where they have to sleep and will not be confused by the change of scenery. This also means that they will not be confused when they return home as they will not have been allowed to sleep on furniture in one place, but punished for doing it in another. This can give you as the owner peace of mind with regards to not only your dogs training but also with regards to their comfort as well, knowing that they are sleeping in a bed designed just for them and so are completely comfortable.

Having a dog bed already supplied at the cottage means that this is one less thing that you have to try and squeeze into your car besides the dog, family members, suitcases and dog toys. It ensures that you know your dog will have a comfortable bed and that you can fill up the car with the things that are not going to be provided for you in the cottage. It’s really a matter of convenience, one less thing that you have to worry about when going on holiday - something that can be extremely stressful in itself.

If you are not sure as to whether the holiday cottage provides pet accessories as part of their package, you can find out simply and easily by getting in contact with the owner, ensuring that you know what is necessary to take and what can be left behind.

With self catering cottage holidays being perfect for all the family, including the pets, it seems silly that you have to lug all of your pets apparel wherever you choose to go. It’s far easier to stay in a holiday cottage with the facilities that your pet needs already being provided, giving you peace of mind that everything you need will be there. Outdoor holidays are fun for all the family, especially the dogs, so why make them suffer an uncomfortable nights sleep on the floor when this can be so easily avoided by simply hiring out a holiday cottage with its own dog bed already - peace of mind and more space for packing, it helps remove the stress of a holiday, and after all, that’s what holidays are about - relaxing!

Pet-friendly cottages for weekend breaks at any time

pet friendly cottages to rent for short breaksIt saves a lot of hassle when going on holiday and taking your dog for a weekend break if a dog bed is provided..


Lots of couples go on weekend breaks with their dogs. It is very nice to get away at any time of year to walk the national parks or coastal paths and beaches of Britain and Ireland. About half of all self-catering holiday cottages to rent are pet-friendly because of the demand from dog owners. The British and Irish have a love affair with their dogs - they are part of the family and often treated as such.

Take a look at pet-friendly country cottages to rent for short breaks.






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Dogs Welcome Cottages

Stay in a pets welcome holiday cottage with a swimming pool, or dog friendly cottage with a hot tub, or a rural cottage with dog facilities to make your pet feel at home for a self-catering break in Britain or Ireland.

    When travelling with a dog, the better the facilities for your dog at the holiday cottage, the less bother your pet will cause.

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