Cottages with Egyptian cotton bedlinen - rent for holidays

Slipping between silky smooth cool Egyptian cotton sheets is a sensual delight

holiday cottages with egyptian cotton bedlinenIt is not always just the most expensive holiday cottages that have Egyptian cotton bed linen, discerning cottage owners who care about their guests holiday experience also offer this extra pleasure.

Good quality cotton bed linen is soft to touch and comfortable to sleep in. In the summer, the bed linen feels cool against your skin and allows your skin to breathe.

One thing you can be sure of is that any holiday cottage owners that supply their accommodation with high quality cotton or linen bed linen are concerned that their guests experience a really enjoyable stay and you can almost always guarantee that everything else about the cottages and your welcome will be excellent.

More about holiday cottage sleep arrangements

Uncomfortable beds or a less than desirable environment can ruin your holiday.

It is very easy to rent a holiday cottage in the UK making decisions based on the photographs we see alone. A holiday cottage can look absolutely wonderful but is it in reality? It's a bit like buying a cake that looks incredible and then finding that it is tasteless or even unpleasant to eat.

A good night's rest is important to everyone on holiday. A holiday is a time that we can enjoy a lie in the morning in preparation for a good day out. The last thing that anyone wants is to wake up grumpy because the mattress has been uncomfortable, the sheets have caused us to sweat all night or the environment has been noisy. That starts things off on a wrong note.

For couples sharing a bed, unless they are in young and relish the idea of lying in each other's arms all night, a spacious bed is helpful in contributing to a comfortable environment. Looking for holiday cottage with a king-size bed is likely to help obtain a sound sleep.

A sofa bed is sometimes available in a cottage. Most are small with relatively think mattresses. They are intended as occasional beds and will not be as comfortable as a conventional bed.

Some people may like to stay in the city or busy town so that they can party or be on hand for sightseeing without travel in the morning and might be the kind of people who can sleep through any noise. Others might find their holidays ruined because of noisy disturbed nights.

The points to look out for to ensure a restful holiday

  • A quiet and peaceful sleeping environment with a cottage in the country or with bedrooms facing the back garden.
  • Good quality beds, the larger the better. Avoid sofa beds.
  • Adequate sleeping arrangements so that everyone has their own private sleeping area and are not crammed into bedrooms.
  • Good quality bed linen such as Egyptian cotton or linen.
  • A separate top sheet in the summer because duvets can be too hot and most British holiday cottages do not have air conditioning.


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Good Cottage Holidays

A good cottage holiday is one where we feel comfortable and happy with our environment. Where beds are to our liking, the rooms are spacious and clean and we have everything that we need to self-cater.

    It is the little things that make the big difference. A garden with adequate seating, a barbecue, good quality plentiful cutlery and crockery. A high standard of bedding is like the 'cherry on the cake' and adds to our enjoyment.
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