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holiday cottages with shops nearby

When you’re away on holiday, you want everything to be easy and simply don’t you? It’s a break for the family, time to get away and time to relax, so sometimes you just want a real break from everything you do at home. This can put some people off wanting to be anywhere near shops when they are away on holiday, however being near shops really can be very useful - it’s not like you will be spending much time in them anyway, unless you really want to!

The above scene shows a main road in Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds. Rent a holiday cottage in the Cotswolds, in a village, and the chances are that there will be a few essential shops within walking distance. The Cotswolds are considered one of the loveliest and most affluent rural destinations in England, favoured by royalty and steeped in history.

Cottages with shops within walking distance

Make it easy on yourself!

self catering holiday cottages with shops nearbyBeing near a small local shop when you’re on holiday is really useful for obvious reasons. It allows you to get fresh food whenever you want it and just has all those little items that you might have forgotten you needed to pack for going away. It is really convenient just to know that this shop is there in case you forget anything, allowing you to relax more, knowing that anything that you want is nearby.

When you’re on holiday, you don’t want to be trekking off to get food every day, so having a shop nearby helps to prevent this. A holiday is meant to be blissful, relaxing and fun - different from everyday, but if you have to go on a long journey to the shops just to pick up a few bits of food, this is hardly the case. You may think that because you’re on holiday, you want to be away from shops, but trust me, if you decide to do that, you will regret it.

Having shops nearby when you are away on holiday means that you don’t have to spend hours pouring over a map trying to work out where the nearest shops are. It prevents you from getting lost when you go looking for them and stops you wasting your day shop hunting when you really should be spending your valuable holiday time doing far more fun things. It also means that you don’t have to be as prepared before you go away on holiday as you don’t have to have all your meals planned out, cooked and then frozen, being able to be more spontaneous with what you decide to cook as you can simply go and get what you want without much trouble or effort.

Not only is it convenient to be near shops for food, but being near them means that you can pick up any souvenirs and gifts you want really easily and quickly. You can peruse the shops at your leisure, and, if they are nearby, you don’t have to worry about having to leave early because you have a few hours car journey to get back to your cottage. If you are close to a little village with shops, this can be really nice on holiday as it could mean that you have shops, restaurants and pubs all in one place, really giving you a taste of country village life and a chance to look at the quirky and kitsch items independent stores sell.

Having shops nearby is really useful for any holiday maker. Whether you use them or not, the security of having them there can really help to make you relax more, and after all, you’re away on holiday - it should all be about relaxing.



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