Holiday Cottages with Tennis

Have a racquet and lots of fun on holiday

holiday cottages with tennisCottages that have a tennis court or two offer guests the chance to get outdoors and become fitter during a holiday. Use of a tennis court and other facilities are usually included in the rental price unless staying at certain holiday parcs which shall be nameless.

In fact, a self-catering break in a holiday cottage or pine lodge in a holiday park with a good selection of facilities including a tennis court and swimming pool can be excellent value for money. You and your family have all this free entertainment at your fingertips should you wish to try your racquet skills or just relax knocking a ball from one side to the other for children to improve their hitting ability.

It is also a very good opportunity to experience various sports, perhaps for the first time and see whether the family might like to take them up in earnest after the holiday has finished. You may discover that you have a new Andy Murray or Tim Henman in your family and all because you chose to rent a holiday cottage with a tennis court on site.

Friendly tennis challenges during your cottage holiday

family cottage breaks with tennisBring racquets and tennis balls if you have them

It can be great fun if you can arrange a little healthy competition on the tennis court during a cottage break. Cottage management may organise this themselves if it is a fairly large complex and it gives regular tennis players a bit more of a challenge.

Playing tennis with the family can be enjoyable and rewarding, especially if you would like to introduce younger members of the family to the game although it can be difficult with some family groups unless everyone is willing to give it a try.

Do take your own tennis racquets and balls along if you have any at home. Cottage owners are likely to have some to lend you but it's not quite the same if you are a regular tennis player.

Tennis for families

There is no special dress code when playing tennis on holiday, all you need to do is to show willing and give it a go. Children tend to imitate their parents and if you have a good time, the chances are that they will be enthusiastic to try it again at a later date. It is good to learn how to score and the rules of tennis even if it helps someone get more out of watching the game on television.

When should you introduce youngsters to tennis?

Some people would say as soon as they can properly hold a racquet. Throwing a soft ball to young children and encouraging them to hit it helps with the development of motor skills so that even if they unable to grasp the fundamentals they can still progress with eye and hand coordination.

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Cottage Holidays Overview

Stay in a holiday cottage with a games room and have something to do during inclement weather or keep the children amused during a self-catering break in Britain or Ireland.

    A games room could be for your sole use with an independent private holiday cottage or a communal one shared by a group of cottages. Although the various equipment is then shared it also encourages games and competitions with the other guests. Children may also make new friends, all of which contributes to a happy self-catering holiday.

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