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Summer holidays + water = lots of fun

cottages with swimming poolsWho does not want a swimming pool on holiday? They’re relaxing, fun and keep children entertained for hours. Whether you enjoy swimming lengths, messing about in the pool or simply relaxing by the side and getting into a good book, no one can deny that having access to a swimming pool can really make a holiday.

Rent a self-catering holiday cottage with its own or a communal swimming pool for plenty of family friendly fun. Click on the image on the right to view a list of cottages with swimming pools.

If you have got children, having a swimming pool whilst away can really be a godsend. No matter what the weather children seem to enjoy being in a swimming pool - the perfect activity no matter what. Having your children be able to go swimming means that they can easily entertain themselves without much input from you, making sure that your holiday is relaxing for everyone involved. They can play themselves and you can read your book or work on your tan in peace - it sounds perfect does not it? You will also avoid those dreaded moans of “I’m bored” too – there is something about a swimming pool that seems to mean that children can stay in for hours on end without getting fed up - ideal when you want some peace and quiet. Not only do swimming pools provide an activity for children, they also tire them out! Imagine, if your kids were swimming all day, when it got to evening they’d be shattered wouldn’t they? You can get them in to bed early without much resistance and then you can have a relaxing night to spend however you please - what more would you want from a holiday?

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Swim, get fit, relax and go home refreshed.

Swimming pools are not just for children. Being in the water can be extremely relaxing, and if you are staying in a self catering cottage, you are likely to be able to use the facilities whenever you want to. As well as being relaxing, swimming pools are also a wonderful way to exercise, so if you enjoy exercising, staying in a cottage with a swimming pool would be perfect for you. There’s nothing quite like being able to get up in the morning, stepping out your door and getting into a swimming pool to do a few lengths before breakfast - it really can’t be beaten. If that does not scream relaxation then I don’t know what will.

Whether you want a pool to amuse your children or yourself, cottages with a pool are perfect for everyone. They provide something different to your holiday and also give you something that you may not expect, particularly in the UK. No matter if you want a pool for exercise or fun you’re bound to make good use of it, and if having a pool to entertain your family means that you can lie by the side and read or sunbathe without hassle, surely it’s worth it isn’t it?

Make a point of seeking out cottages with a swimming pool to rent for your next holiday.

Self-catering holiday cottages with swimming pool pages

Often, holiday-makershave complex holiday cottage demands, a cottage with a swimming pool is very nice but a cottage with a swimming and a hot tub is better. Then there are the people with dogs who would also like to cottage to be pet friendly and so on.

One of the easiest ways to search for such a self-catering cottage is to enter all crieteria for your search into your browser

For example, type in Google: self catering cottage swimming pool hot tub pet friendly, or any other criteria that you would ideally like.


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Stay in a holiday cottage with a swimming pool, or cottage with a hot tub, or a cottage with a games room for a fabulous self-catering break in Britain or Ireland.

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