Holiday cottages with a dog sitting service

There are holiday cottages to rent which offer a dog sitting service to guests.

cottages with a dog sitting service for a feeAs good as it feels to be going on a cottage break in the country, there are those days when you would really like to go sightseeing around a town, spend a day in a tourist attraction, go to the theatre - places where dogs are not allowed.

It is possible to find holiday cottages to rent where dog sitting is available for a small extra fee. In many cases, your dog will be well looked for, walked for you and kept securely in a special dog pen until you return and collect him.

With pet-friendly holidays there is always that compromise to be made by taking dogs on holiday and as long as you know where to find holiday homes where your dog can be cared for alone for a day or shorter periods, you can make the most of any cottage break and not feel deprived of certain activities or events.

A small additional fee is charged for dog sitting and this will vary from cottage to cottage and depend on the duration.

Points to look for when booking pet-friendly cottage breaks

Be prepared for the best outcome when taking dogs on holiday

taking dogs on holidayTaking dogs on holiday relieves owners of the care costs of kennels or dog sitters but may introduce other problems.

The first problem is about getting to your cottage and holiday destination

How does your dog travel, is he happy in a car or as they say 'as sick as a dog'? Travelling with a dogs that lies down and goes to sleep for the journey is a godsend. It is possible to obtain pills from the vet to help with travel sickness or to have your pet sedated but not really desirable.

Assuming that your dogs travel well, do take their dog beds, a spare lead and dog bowls with you, also the brand of dog food that they are used to. A remote cottage in the Scottish Highlands would be wonderful for long walks with dogs but you may find it impossible to purchase the kind of pet food and treats that your dogs usually eat.

Ensure that you have contact details for the local vet should any illness or injury beset your dog, that reduces any panic if you're prepared.




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Book a pet-friendly self-catering break in Britain or Ireland so that you can have a holiday and yet know that your dog is well cared for.

  • Dogs welcome self-catering breaks save money when there are no kennel fees to pay. Explore Britain with your dog, its numerous footpaths and trails.

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