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You’re in the countryside, typical British summer time, rain lashing down outside and you can hear wind whistling around the cottage, not exactly how you planned your summer holiday is it? I bet you imagined sunshine, heat and being able to spend days outside, sat out until you can no longer see at night? While the weather can’t be controlled, one element of your holiday can be guaranteed - by opting for a holiday cottage with central heating, you can ensure that You will stay warm and toasty inside your cottage no matter what the conditions outside.

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Rent a cottage with central heating controls that you can adjust

holiday cottages with central heating in east angliaIf you feel that you do want to opt for a cottage with central heating, but are worried it could become too hot or too cold, one of the best options for you would be to rent out a cottage where the guest can control the central heating temperature for themselves. This means you can set it to your own personal preference, whether you want it toasty hot or mildly warm, you can choose it for yourself. This is a particularly good idea as if the weather then becomes warmer and nicer, you can simply turn the central heating off quickly and easily without having to fuss around contacting the owner or anything. This ensures that your holiday remains perfect, comfortable and easy for everyone.

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Having central heating is particularly useful if you’re planning to go away in autumn or winter. There’s nothing like going out for a walk through the beautiful countryside your cottage is bound to be set in, and returning back, noses red, lips chapped, faces tingling from the cold and walking into your cottage, feeling the heat hitting you and thawing you out. Being able to control the heating yourself is brilliant for this as if you are really really cold, you can simply turn the heating up, warming everyone up quickly and easily.

On cold nights that are sure to come with the great British weather, you’re sure to appreciate having central heating in your cottage, it’s worth having to pay a little bit more if needed. Whether it’s summer or winter, you’re bound to need the heating on and there is nothing worse than being frozen at night. You really can’t guarantee You will get sun in the UK, even in summer, so while you may think of that as being an unnecessary expense, you’re bound to use it no matter what season you decide to go on holiday. With the central heating being solely in your control, you can choose the exact settings that you and your family want, dependent on personal preference and the weather, meaning You will never be stuck in a boiling hot or freezing cold cottage again.

Certain older cottages or in areas where there is no gas, the heating may be oil or electric. These rare generally good forms of heating, the only ones to avoid are old-fashioned storage heaters which tend to become cold later in the day.



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